Town Of Ulster

Eastern Parkway & Glenerie Blvd

November 04, 2019

Update from Superintendent Frank Petramale, Eastern Parkway/Glenerie Blvd. Railroad Crossing

Please be advised that we have been notified that CSX plans on closing and replacing the railroad crossing at Eastern Parkway on

Monday November 4th or Tuesday November 5th.

 We have not been told how long it will be closed but if they do what they have done in the last couple crossings in the town was to close and remove the crossing at night and  then stone and re-open the crossing by morning till they can come back and finish the installation of a permanent new crossing. CSX will be opening the temporary crossing that is 3000ft north of the eastern Parkway crossing and comes out onto Upper Crossing Road and then to North Drive.

Please use extreme caution when using the temporary crossing there are no gates or signals at this crossing. Stop and look both ways before crossing.

 The temporary crossing is for cars and trucks no busses or tractor trailers. Please plan ahead for the crossing being closed. All School Districts, EMS, Fire and police will be notified of this closure. If you have any questions please feel free to contact out office at 845-338-0193. We Iíll try to update the info as we are get any new information.