Town Of Ulster

Major SNOWSTORM Forecast to Arrive Tuesday Morning

March 15, 2017
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A Major Snowstorm is forecast to hit our area tomorrow morning, snow accumulations could be as much as TWO FEET by Wednesday morning.  The Town of Ulster Highway Department would ask everyone to please prepare for this storm before it hits, this is a serious storm and should not be taken lightly.  Please review the following:

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                                                        Notice to All Town of Ulster Residents


Mother Nature just won’t let go of winter. Tomorrow morning sometime before day break one of the largest March snow storms will hit our area. Accumulation totals could be up to TWO FEET OF SNOW by the time the storm ends Wednesday morning. This is a serious storm and should not be taken lightly. Please prepare for the storm. Please remember it is our responsibility to keep the ROADS Clear of snow and in order for us to do that here are a few items to review.


  • Keep all vehicles off the roadways at all times while it is snowing or until the roads are all clear, if they are parked in the roadway they will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  •  Please keep garbage cans out of the roadway. We will not stop to move them or pick them up.
  •   Keep all portable basketball hoops out of the roadway.
  • Try to keep the fire hydrants in front of your house clear of snow.
  • Do not throw the snow back into the road when cleaning your driveway.
  • Do not call the Highway Department and complain that we pushed the snow in your driveway.
  •  Check on your neighbor’s and especially the elderly.
  •  Stay off the roads, if you don’t have to go out then don’t!!




Frank C. Petramale

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Ulster