Town Of Ulster

Water Districts to Flush Fire Hydrants

October 15, 2015
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The Town of Ulster Water Districts will be flushing fire hydrants within the Water Districts starting Monday, October 5th.  During this time you may experience some discoloration and turbidity in your water for a short time.  QUESTIONS???  Contact the Water Department at (845) 382-1833 OR (845) 382-2434.

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Schedule for flushing fire hydrants:



 District Approximate Start & Ending Times


Ulster, Spring Lake &

Sawkill Road/Cherry Hill 

11:00 PM, October 5th - 6:00 AM, October 6th

Halcyon Park9:30 AM, October 8th - 11:00 AM (same day)
East Kingston9:30 AM, October 8th - 11:00 AM (same day)
Glenerie Water9:30 AM, October 8th - 11:00 AM (same day)