Town Of Ulster
 Exemptions: Volunteer Firefighters / Volunteer Ambulance Workers 

Exemptions: Volunteer Firefighters / Volunteer Ambulance Workers

Please Note: 

  • There is also a New York State Income Tax Credit for Volunteers (IT-245)
  • You may receive either the State Income Tax Credit OR  the Real Property Tax Exemption
  • Assessor James Maloney advises that the N.Y.S. Income Tax Credit is the BEST choice


Here you will find GENERAL INFORMATION on the Real Property Tax Exemption available to "Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Ambulance Workers" in the Town of Ulster.  You are strongly advised to consider applying for the New York State Income Tax Credit instead, it offers you a much larger savings.  Again, you may NOT receive both the Income Tax Credit and the Real Property Tax Exemption.  Please call or visit the Assessor's Office for complete information.  Remember, all new and renewal property tax applications must be in the Assessor's Office by March 1st.


Scroll down to "Documents" below for the Exemption Application & Income Tax Credit Form


The Town of Ulster and Ulster County participate in the "Volunteer Firefighters / Volunteer Ambulance Workers" Real Property tax exemption which provides a partial exemption from real property taxation to the extent of 10% of the assessed value, not to exceed $3,000 multiplied by the latest state equalizaion rate for the Town.  The exemption is applied against the assessed value of the property for Town, Highway and County purposes.


This Exemption must be Renewed Each Year unless

Enrolled Member has Accrued more than 20 Years of Active Service



  • Must be a member of an incorporated volunteer fire company or incorporated volunteer ambulance service in the Town of Ulster
  • Owner must be a "certified" enrolled member for at least five years



  • Property must be the primary residence of the applicant



Call or Visit the Assessor's Office