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 Exemptions: Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income 

Exemptions: Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income

Here you will find GENERAL INFORMATION on the Real Property Tax Exemption available to "Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income" in the Town of Ulster.  Please call or visit the Assessor's Office for more complete information.  Remember, all new and renewal applications must be in the Assessor's Office by March 1st.

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The Town of Ulster, Ulster County and the Saugerties School district participate in the "Persons with Disabilites and Limited Income" exemption which provides a partial exemption from property taxes on the primary residence of the applicant.  The amount of exemption for a qualified applicant depends on their income.


This Exemption must be Renewed each Year! 



  • All owners must be persons with disabilites
  • Exception, property owned by husband and wife OR siblings.  In these cases only one needs to have a disability



  • Applicant(s) must have a documented physical or mental impairment that substantially limits that person's ability to engage in one or more major life activities



  • Property must be the "legal residence" of the disabled person(s)
  • Occupied by the disabled person(s) unless absent while receiving health-related services
  • Exemption only applies to the residential portion of property



  • Income of all owners, and any owners' spouses residing on the premises, must meet the income requirements set by the Town, County and School district each year


Please Note, the property owner(s) may not receive BOTH the "Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income" and the "Senior Low-Income" exemption.  The owner(s) have the option of choosing the more beneficial exemption.


Please include the following with your application form:

  •  NYS Driver's license
  • Copies of the filed Federal or State Income Tax Returns from the previous "income tax year" prior to the date of application
  • Award letter or certificate from Social Security, or other approved agency



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See "Documents" below for the

 "Exemption for Persons with Disabilites and Limited Incomes Questions & Answers"

 Publication from the New York State Office of Real Properties


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